Licence 22812

Damian is a licensed, experienced agent with extensive knowledge of the premium segment real estate market. Over the past six years, he has successfully completed dozens of transactions for the rental and sale of luxury properties. Customers who cooperated with him willingly use his help in searching and analyzing available offers as well as entrust him with their next real estate. They value professionalism, knowledge, but also a positive approach and sense of humor, thanks to which the sale, purchase or rental of real estate is a light and pleasant experience. He is a perfectionist constantly striving to deepen his knowledge and improve his skills.



Manager with over 12 years of experience in sales gained in financial institutions. Supporter of the "customer focus" strategy. He puts a lot of emphasis on developing and then consistent implementation of the sales strategy. Skillfully identifies sectors that need change and implements innovative solutions. I show commitment, dynamics and efficiency in action. In H.W. deals with the sale of apartments and the development of new cooperation channels with external partners. Privately, travel enthusiast and seeker of good taste. Working at HW is consistent with my values and enables me to realize my passions related to the real estate market. My mission is partner cooperation with the client, based on mutual trust.

Complementarity ? one word that defines our cooperation.

The key to success in customer relationships is knowledge, experience and sales skills. Our competences complement each other, which is why we are able to provide professional services and do everything to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers ? successfully.


We believe that effective operation on the premium real estate market requires an innovative approach.

That is why at Habitat Warsaw we are constantly expanding the perspective, creating a new quality in the industry. We use our knowledge and experience, but also modern marketing tools and creativity.


We specialize in serving individual and business clients.

We provide services in the field of premium real estate: renting, buying and selling.


Our clients include international corporations, concerns and embassies.

We also work with relocation companies, on behalf of which we are looking for houses and apartments for managers, CEOs and board members ? mainly expats.


Each address has its own story. A home is more than just space, it belongs to it?s environment. Local Initiatives. Entrepreneurs. Places. That is why we believe that the task of a modern real estate agency is to connect people not only with real estate, but also with it?s surroundings.


We take responsibility for the entire sale process, offers that we prepare for clients and the security of transactions we broker.

We are aware that every customer is looking for the perfect property for themselves. As a modern agency and open to customer relations, we make every effort to ensure that the offers match the client?s expectations, but we also oversee the correctness of the entire sale process. We take responsibility for the transaction?s security. We negotiate terms. We verify every property and its legal status. We are responsible for the satisfaction after completing the transaction, which is why the whole process is transparent from beginning to end.

Customer focus

The customer is a key figure in the rental / purchase process. We know this well, which is why, by always putting the customer first, we can accurately define his needs.

We believe that a good broker is not only a specialist in their field. He is also an advisor, a person who can listen and read between the lines. It allows us to perfectly define the requirements of our clients and to respond to them through our offer. This principle guides us in our daily work. We want the lease or purchase process to be seamless, simple and pleasant. We don?t like to complicate matters ? the client is important to us, which is why we focus on professional service and a friendly atmosphere at every stage of cooperation.


Constant improvement ? it is important to us. All this so that customers receive a service at a professional level.

We understand the essence of continuous deepening of knowledge. The industry is changing dynamically. Expectations of people looking for real estate too. We follow them because we know that whoever stands still moves backwards. That is why we devote a lot of time to training and we still want to acquire new knowledge. We follow all changes, improving the operation of our agency. We create trends in the industry, develop our own competences, and this allows us to better meet the expectations of our clients.

Knowledge and skills

Knowing the real estate industry perfectly, we accurately advise clients and professionally carry out transactions.

We believe that a modern real estate agency works in many fields. The world is moving forward, and not only sales methods, but also promotions change with it. That is why in our work we use skills and knowledge in the field of real estate market, digital marketing, consulting, sales and ? creativity. We know that high competence in the field of real estate market and sales capabilities are necessary to provide services at the appropriate level. Experience allows us to act professionally, and in accordance with the idea of continuous development, we are constantly improving our skills. We follow new trends and use the acquired knowledge in everyday work. Thanks to this, we are effective and create a place where every client finds a property tailored to their expectations.


We work for the trust of our clients.

We want to build trust in customer relations. The key here is honesty and transparency of activities. Our sales processes are therefore transparent and clear. We focus on particulars and present real estate to clients as they are. We care for the satisfaction and safety of our clients, which is why we operate in accordance with the law. We perfectly know the rules of professional ethics and remember them when carrying out daily duties. Thanks to this, we are often recommended by our clients ? we value the trust our clients place in us.

Pragniemy poinformować Cię, że Zgodnie z art. 13 ust. 1?2 rozporządzenia Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE) 2016/679 z 27.04.2016 (tzw. RODO), zapewniamy bezpieczeństwo danym, które są przetwarzane w ramach działania naszej strony. Klikając ?Akceptuję? lub zamykając okno, zgadzasz się na warunki przetwarzania swoich danych osobowych wyrażone w Polityce prywatności

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